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"Sam Hill Jr is one of the most talented musicians and songwriters I have ever heard. His back catalogue however is mostly many years old. In the interim he has been living a life blown around by tough things - and this is what these tender honest songs are about... when the last track is sung, life is enhanced for the listening"

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"American writer Frederick Buechner said that the artist needs to cut a vein and bleed onto the page. Sam Hill has opened a vein onto a record. These songs are as raw as Joni Mitchell’s Blue and out of this honesty, and probably entirely unknowingly, Hill gives us songs to help us open our veins that will then bring solace. Actually they whisper into all of our souls. The work is excellent, the songs are tender and gentle in sound and content" 


"Sam Hill Jr. in full, gentle flood in The Hall,
every plaintive refrain sounds like a lost classic… "  
Ian Steel, proprietor of The Hall

"A Special Night In Lancaster" 
A very special evening back in Lancaster at
The Hall, wonderful staff and a lovely audience. One of my all time favourite gigs with good friend the very talented Geoff Orr playing the Steinway Grand. I highly recommend this venue to customers and fellow performers. Great coffee and wine.
Link to the venue:

Songwriting Seminar Keele University
This was worthwhile challenge in an interesting setting. Keele is the biggest campus in Europe, like a self contained town and the countryside around is beautiful. Shared how and why I write songs, the insecurities of a songwriter and answered some interesting questions (well I tried to!). Thanks to all the students and staff who attended.

Link to Keele University Music: